Problem Solving. Strategic Thinking. Comprehensive Solutions.

About Us

London Witte Group provides the full-service accounting you expect from a certified public accounting firm, but we don’t stop there.  Our CPAs are also strategic thinkers, dedicated to understanding the complexities of the issues you face and devising solutions that integrate financial, regulatory, tax, and operations aspects so that our clients are optimally positioned for growth.

For LWG, client relationships are paramount.  Your unique vision drives our unique solutions.  Whether you want to establish a sustainable rate structure for your utilities cooperative, position your company for future growth, or protect your family’s assets, our team of professionals can take you there.

We believe that the best solutions are comprehensive and integrated, so we analyze all aspects of your situation and examine related issues, bringing a wealth of experience and a range of expertise to bear on each problem.  Our in-depth analysis gives you solutions designed to best meet your needs and goals in the most financially viable, efficient, and effective way possible.

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