Why LWG?

That’s a valid question. As you consider the options for professional accounting and auditing services, “Why” should be your most pressing question. Other firms will tell you they offer the most responsible or the most ethical services, and they should. Every firm you consider should have outstanding ethics and adherence to regulations. Every firm you consider should be responsive and accurate. But not every firm will go beyond those expectations.

Time and again, our clients tell us that we not only addressed their current questions or issues, we identified the long-term impact or opportunities they didn’t see. We don’t provide one-off answers; we consider the whole picture, which helps our clients plan, strategize, and implement their vision.

We’ve helped small communities improve their infrastructure, their economy, and schools with 5-10 year strategies. We’ve helped cities and towns keep growing businesses by working with both civic and private entities to create optimal outcomes they both agree on. We’ve worked with utility companies to set accurate rates while planning for expansion and modernization. We’ve helped businesses stay in business with long-term financial planning and forecasting.

Why LWG? We’ll let some of our clients tell you:


Thanks to LWG, we were able to secure short-term funding and move ahead with capital improvements without being dependent on the state reimbursement process.

Indiana Local Utility Manager

Our ongoing relationship with LWG over the years has helped our community in terms of growth, financial stability and improvement. Because of their aggressive positions on finance, we were able to accomplish a lot of things that still have a positive impact on community.

Indiana County Development Board Member


We have worked with LWG for many years through different administrations. Thanks to them, we have continued to build upon each project as part of our overall strategy for future development.

Indiana Town Mayor


Our newly purchased home was up for a tax sale and weren’t aware of it. LWG discovered the issue and thanks to their quick response, the tax issue was solved and our title transfer was filed correctly.

Marion County Resident